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Words from some of the people I've walked beside

My calling is to be a coach. a certified Conscious Uncoupling® and A certified High Performance coach. I was drawn to be coached by Margot because I wanted to know in depth what my strengths are and how to fully utilise them in the work which I love and want to excel in.

My top 5 Strengths were a huge insight to me.One in particular was an area which I had never thought I excelled in and which is an under-utilised gift I possess. I am so grateful to you Margot for revealing that to me.

However the coaching does not end there. How the my strengths interconnect is also a key component and again, I was given so many insights and new ways of thinking and being to evolve and develop.

All along the way I had at my side a quietly strong, wise, humble caring Guide who walked with me one this journey. There is no doubt that Margot cares for her clients and her unwavering support and deep knowledge of her material is a blessing and an inspiration. She is a master of her craft.

Sonyan W

Margot’s influence through her coaching, has been profound for me. She highlighted areas of my personality which I had overlooked and gave me the insight to develop them. I have undertaken a major project, which I would not have had the confidence to even consider without Margot’s input.

What separates Margot from other coaches is that she really cares. She was, and continues to be genuinely interested in how I am progressing, not only with regard to the topics covered in our coaching sessions, but other peripheral areas too.

In conclusion I can’t recommend Margot enough. She is a warm, genuine and inspiring person, who wants nothing less than to see all of those she comes into contact with, succeed. Do yourself the biggest favour you ever could, and see her as soon as you can!

Ross L

I undertook a strength coaching session with Margot approximately one year ago. It was great timing as I was just finishing a 1 year fixed term contract and needed to update my CV and decide what my next role would be.

Margot was great to work with and made me really think about the results. I have found it to be extremely useful in both my work and personal life.

None of the strength identified were of any surprise to me, but it made me understand how these strengths effect how I approach a role.

My key strengths identified were all extremely appropriate for my role as an Accountant, and I was able to promote these in my CV. I have also found that this has been worthwhile in my personal life as some of my strengths can be hard to maintain and it is ok to deviate from them. For example with Discipline I need to be a bit more flexible if I set a timetable, it can be changed and with Achiever I can reset my goals if they are not working for me.

I would highly recommend this coaching session and found it to be very worthwhile.

Janine K

I requested to have a strength session with Margot. The session was extremely insightful! Margot went through and described each strength one at a time and checked throughout if I was understanding and whether I had questions.

I found out that my current job ticks all my top 5 strengths. It now made sense why I enjoy and am good at my job. Margot also asked about my aspirations…what I wanted from my life, and where I wanted to be in the future. In that conversation I realised I had blocks! Margot recommended books to read and sent through articles via email, all of which were very helpful! In particular, one book Margot recommended changed my life! It showed me a new way of relating to life and I haven’t looked back! I have recommended Margot to friends and family and even had my daughter go to Margot to help her in her career but also to help her understand herself better.

Margot is a brilliant coach who is genuine in her approach to helping people. Whether it be to find their path in life or to strengthen their current path. I learnt so much about myself in just one hour with Margot! It was inspirational, and Margot with her gentle supporting manner was absolutely wonderful and made it easy.

Donna K

My 1-off coaching session with Margot was phenomenal. The positivity surrounding the Strengths Coaching and identifying my “Top 5 Strengths” was certainly eye opening; it's not often we focus on our strengths - rather we berate ourselves for our weaknesses.

In taking the Gallup test, I was surprised to see “Adaptability” as one of my ‘Strengths’. I had always thought I wasn’t good at responding to change and when it's something you've always believed, it's what you know to be true. Margot helped me see my behaviour from another perspective, and it was incredibly enlightening and empowering. I no longer beat myself up when in changing circumstances, I feel out of my depth. Rather, using techniques Margot imparted, I allow myself a moment (or two, or three!) to get my head around the change and move on. The irony of it being, my chosen profession resides in a dynamic and constantly changing environment – and I now see that I thrive in responding to this ever changing environment.

Margot provided me the tools to be able to see my behaviour from a different angle and help me appreciate my Top 5 Strengths for what they are - MY Strengths.

Helen K

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