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What is Coaching?

As a coach, I will partner with you, using a creative and thought-provoking process that inspires you to reach your greatest personal and professional potential.

Coaching is different from therapy because, unlike therapy which focuses on the past, coaching focuses on how your life relates to the future you are committed to creating. We focus on setting goals and making changes to bring that future into being.



What would happen if we focused on what is right about us, rather than getting stuck on what we need to improve?

Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills that each of us possess. While we use these innate traits every day, most of us don’t know what our strengths are or how to use them to our advantage.

I would like to partner with you to show you!

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Relationships that don't end well, don't end.

Are you in the midst of a painful divorce or break-up? Or are you still suffering with unresolved grief from a past breakup?

The groundbreaking Conscious Uncoupling™ coaching process, created by marriage and family therapist and New York times best-selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas, will lead from heartbreak to wholeness in 5 simple and transformative steps.

Let me help you find your "happily even after".


As humans, we are born to be in relationships with each other. So it’s no wonder we miss it if it’s not there. And how it pulls at our heartstrings when we watch others have what seems to constantly elude us. But what if it is actually you that is preventing you from having the love you seek? What if the capability to have the love you long for is really in the palm of your hands, only you just don’t yet know it? Then this is what you have been looking for! This is the opportunity for you to discover how you have been keeping love at bay, and how to finally let in the love you’ve been longing for.

Calling In “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, written by Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT and New York Times bestselling author, is exactly as the name suggests. Calling In “The One” is about consciously creating the relationship you have been seeking by looking at our own patterns in relationships and how we can get in our own way in the process of trying to call in the love we desire. It is a beautiful, empowering and transformative process.

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