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As a certified Life Coach, Strengths Coach and one of New Zealand's two certified Conscious Uncoupling coaches, my intention is to journey with you to create change in the areas you are being challenged and feel stuck. With nearly 10 years of coaching experience and adding my newest certifications, Somatic Trauma-Informed Coaching and Brainspotting to my toolbelt, we can really create change for you, together.

I am passionate about personal growth and transformation, in both personal and professional life. This passion stems from my philosophy that the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships. And the quality of our relationships - in any arena - depends primarily on our communication. Unless we are blessed with good role models, both relationships and communication are not skills we are taught. Having worked to transform both these key areas in my own life, I would love to share my gains by partnering with you.


Becoming a coach emerged naturally from managing people in my various roles as a chartered accountant over the last 15 years. I care about connecting with people and each of us living the best life we can. As a coach, I am fulfilling my life purpose of transforming and growing the love on our planet. Each person that gains personal insight, deepens in self-understanding, achieves a desire and expands in self-love, brings their transformation and growth to their environment and every person they interact with. So like a ripple effect, one small positive change for us as an individual, soon has great impact.

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